If you have not had the courage to try this form of exercise, or the money for it sokalltad, Now here's your chance!


What is functional training? Why the great ease?


Today, more and more conquests functional training. The kind of training method, practices which gestures are built in everyday life. Come on pull-ups on the playground, push-ups on the garden bench, an endless array of available tools. This simplicity is one of the newest representative of crosstraining, which is a functional circuit training which the TRX, CrossFit Kettlebell and the elements have been compiled.

The TRX is a portable workout, suspended functional training device, which strength, balance your sense, hajlékonyságodat, and the so-called "core” It can improve both the stability muscles.

Easy, fast, practical, effective! Ez a CrossTraining! The fitness status does not matter, anyone can!


Who would have thought a couple of years ago, then to the US Navy's elite corps will build one of the world's most innovative fitness tool, the crosstraining workouts? This particular invention, one of the biggest advantages, dolgoztathatunk to more than one muscle at him even using your own body weight.


What is the structure of crosstraining?


The crosstraining a functional circuit training, ami a TRX, CrossFit Kettlebell and the elements have been compiled, consisting of straps and tongs, usually reinforced wall. Adjustable height, thereby the degree of difficulty. Using your own body weight on the ankle tokától we really worked for us this suspension method, very suitable for many tasks, Compared to isolated exercises in the gym crosstraining more muscle groups at the same time focus on – Anita explains ladder, a Nita Health Center trénere.

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