What is theTRX?


You feel a lilbit lazy and would like to be in shape? Would like to workout but, you don’t want to do the “normal” way? Try the new awesome TRX!

The American NAVY is working with soldiers whom had do 100% performance at any time! They have to keep a strong body and mind also! They have to workout in a storage or in a dock if they’re there. So they had to invent a routine to that. That’s how the TRX invented and conquer the world. Even in Budapest. You’ll use a rope and your own body. Even in an hour not depend on your level You can upgrade yourself. Of course as all other things it is best if you do it recently. The TRX will keep you in shape and upgrade your balance. If you need more stamina for example its one of the best for YOU! If you wish to loose weight and be stronger choose a training what you like! Give it a try and YOU wont regret it!