TRX - CrossTraining - Sparta


From 11.11 -our gym is closed for an unkown limited period!


Because of our new law group trainings are not allowed. Even outside. If there will be any new information we’ll inform You ASAP! Btw till that join our completle free ONLINE trainings! Find out more on facebook!


Come and try yourself with a friendly atmosphere in the hearth of the city!
The first tryout is just 500 Ft! Muscle pain is guaranteed 🙂

Online Trainings every day!

If you still don’t wanna train in the gym or you live far or just prefer the home training check out our Online trainings! It’s just one click! For a short period of time it’s completely FREE! Now, that the gym is open, the full schedule will be released soon!


All the trainings can be reviewed any time. So if you missed it don’t panic 🙂 You can redo all! You’ll need just a free registration for that. Do not miss it 🙂